Womensex s chat talk

We went for drinks – quite a lot of drinks – and food, and then he slept over at mine, and we had sex the next day.I am having sex very infrequently at the moment – this was the first time after splitting from my ex-boyfriend seven months ago. I'd like to meet someone I like, but sex in itself isn't currently much of a goal for me.

I also think it can kill off a burgeoning mutual keenness when it inevitably doesn't go well, whereas if I wait a few dates, we'll probably like each other enough for that to see us through any initial problems.

It was fairly unpleasing for that reason, plus I felt like he nagged me into it – not in a remotely traumatic way, but it wasn’t very sexy.

The last time I had sex was a Sunday morning, about a week and a half ago.

Saturday night was our first date – he'd driven from Birmingham to meet up.

We'd been chatting over Whats App for about a month, having met on an online dating site.