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I'm more excited about the Iron Maiden after party that we're going to, but I guess I should listen to some of the music before I party up with the band, eh? Yesterday, the temperature was TEN POINT FIVE degrees. Now all they have to do is get a better road system in place and well, I'll have nothing to say anymore.

Yesterday with the wind in my face and the sea in high tide looking lovely and picturesque (ignoring, of course, the man doing susu off the pier) I was filled with well being and happiness.

Ooh, I've been doing a lot of thinking in the sphere of Relationships and so on. In fact, I haven't even come to a basic conclusion: do I or do I not want to be in a relationship right now?

The part of me that's all lonely and has no one to cuddle with says yes, of course I do.

Won't that be just unnecessarily tying myself down? Oh, wait, maybe that means I'm ready to date after all. " and I'm all no, because she's singing in TAMIL and South India is not one huge generic mass and there are actually distinct LANGUAGES.